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So I’m not sure what to call this

But I figured I’d at least try to impart my knowledge of (hank hill voice) weapons and weapon accessories.

If you like this, tell me, and I might do another tutorial some time!

fantastic (though a sai, while capable of piercing, was used more as a guard breaker and for bludgeoning).

If you’re going for a Roman Gladius remember that they did not feature blood grooves so to properly remove it the wielder was taught to twist and pull opening up air flow and causing more damage. Also classical era shields used a one point system located in the middle of the shield. This allowed for better manoeuvering with it and made for a more front on combat style.

(OP here) The twisting motion taught to Roman soldiers was not because of suction, it was because it deals more damage to the victim. There is no such thing as a “blood groove” it’s actually called a fuller, and it was used to create a wider blade that was more structurally sound and lighter. Swords do not get stuck in people, unless they have some sort of hook or are heavily serrated. Swords are very thin and smooth, even if one did get a little caught due to whatever suction the human body may cause, it would be as simple as a slight change of angle to dislodge or unstick the blade. 

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the tiniest angriest luke


starting off this blog w/ a good ol’ fashioned ‘i didn’t know i was so in love w/ this character why me why now’ sketch dump

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